Getting errors when building BizTalk Solution

What a bad and wasted day.. Hours was wasted to configure out why Biztalk solution can not be compiled even the last opened project can. It’s an compile error that tells parameter indentifier of Multi-part messsage types is not recognized. “identifier ‘parameters’ does not exist in ‘ProcessOrderRequestMessage’; are you missing an assembly reference?“.

The project I develop calls many web services from orchestration to update or store data. 4 types of WCF services and 2 types of Web services. The problem comes when I finish coding for the first time it runs OK .  But after I quit the VS and open it again and do some minor change (to trigger the code to be compiled again), the project can not be compiled and shows error as described above.

One workaround I used to solve that problem is make again the project from the beginning and add each files. But this is not a good solution, because it’s time consuming and the problem occurs again when we reopen the solution again.

Another workaround is to copy all the port types and multi-part message types from the generated orchestration to the master orchestration.

Hope this can help others who has the same problem with me..



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