Why DeBelog?

Actually it’s been a long time I had a desire to express myself on writing. But for many reasons I did not do it effectively. One of it, is laziness. This disease affects me a lot. I have been thinking how many years I have been being controlled by this devil. Every plan I made always ended up without result. From future plan, business, love and etc…. This laziness makes me sick. I have to stop this and continue my life with something that I can be proud of.

One way to kill this devil on my thinking is by writing. A small step but I hope I can change my life to a better one. This blog is dedicated to all of you who has the same problem with me and I’ll be writing for now on on this blog.

Why I choose debelog? It just crossed in my mind, it comes from blog actually. And in Balinesse we have almost the same sound with it, that is belog.. ‘Belog‘ means ‘stupid’ and ‘De’ means ‘don’t be’. ‘Debelog‘ has the meaning don’t be stupid. Don’t be stupid feels warm and comforts by the hug of laziness.

One wisdom word that I always remember is “IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE AND I HAVE AN APPLE AND WE EXCHANGE APPLES THEN YOU AND I WILL STILL EACH HAVE ONE APPLE. BUT IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA AND I HAVE AN IDEA AND WE EXCHANGE THESE IDEAS, THEN EACH OF US WILL HAVE TWO IDEAS.”. This is what I call the power of sharing. Everyone would have many and many ideas (rich by ideas – not just money 🙂 ) even without losing his idea at all.

Keep wrting.. Keep sharing.. Keep on spirit…


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