Getting into SQL/XML in Oracle

Get an overview of SQL and XML interoperability and learn how to begin working with XML documents stored in an Oracle database.

XML data is commonly used in today’s production systems and is a major part of database implementations. In the past, this fact caused design problems for database developers who consequently had to store, query, and update XML data as unstructured LOBs, or alternatively, “shred” data into relational tables and then put it back together. This approach resulted in programming complications and inefficiencies because the access mechanisms were immature.

The Oracle XML DB feature that was first delivered with Oracle9i Database Release 2 provided groundbreaking features for storing, retrieving, and manipulating XML data in the database. Oracle 10g Release 2 XML DB, however, greatly extends this initial approach in which XML data is little more than a BLOB in the database.

If you are a DBA or a developer new to the implementation of XML in Oracle, this article is for you: you will get an overview of SQL and XML interoperability and learn how to begin working with XML documents stored in an Oracle 10g Release 2 database, and about the many features of Oracle Database 10g Release 2 that DBAs and developers should become comfortable with before beginning to work with XML in the database. Thanks to these SQL/XML features, the skills you’ve already acquired while working with relational data can easily be enhanced to help you work with XML.

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